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The Data and Service Center for the Humanities DaSCH is responsible for the long-term preservation of research data in the Humanities. We provide repository and other services and tools for researchers to assist them with the data life cycle management. Our services are best suited for research projects with mainly qualitative data.


DaSCH provides a repository and access service, support for local Research-ITs at Higher Education Institutes and training in the use of its repository and access services. ...


The Data and Service Center for the Humanities DaSCH supports researchers of the Humanities in the use of state-of-the-art digital research methods. DaSCH promotes standards and best practices which allow scholars to implement an “open data” and “open science” policy in their field. ...

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WordWeb is a web which links texts, names, phrases and ideas, and IDEM stands for Intertextuality in Drama of the Early Modern Period. In Latin, “idem” means “the same”: popular phrases like “to be or not to be” are the same in hundreds of texts. ...
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DARIAH Annual Event 2021 - Interfaces

The DARIAH Annual Conference topic of this year will be Interfaces. It will take place from September 7th to 9th 2021 and it will be a fully online event. Keynote speakers will be shortly announced.The call for proposal (paper and poster/ demo) is also officially open until April 18th.More Dariah EU:  https://dariah-2021.sciencesconf.org, View this on BasecampMore Dariah @ DaSCH: https://dasch.swiss/dariah-ch/...

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