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The project Education by numbers (Bildung in Zahlen) – funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation – generates a long-term statistical series with annotations and information in the context of the development of cantonal school structures in Switzerland in the 19th and 20th centuries. Data on pre-school, compulsory school, secondary school and higher education are currently available. Vocational education and training is a current focus of the project, and data on vocational training in the paramedical, industrial and commercial sectors as well as in agriculture and social work are thus being inventoried. This long-term statistical series provides a data basis for empirical-quantitative and historical analysis of changes in education systems in Switzerland. In addition, information on the sources used to compile these series, graphs visualizing school types and educational pathways as well as chronicles containing information on normative changes in school structures allow the statistical data to be placed in the historical context of the respective (cantonal) education system. All the data are currently available for download as Excel or PDF files (depending on the type of data) via the project’s data browser, the search portal Bildungsgeschichte Schweiz and soon via the DaSCH service platform.

We are working on making the data available on our user friendly DSP-APP. Thank you for your patience.

Education, Qualitative Analysis, Switzerland

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Education, Qualitative Analysis, Switzerland


Education by numbers (Bildung in Zahlen)

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