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The University of Basel Kings’ Valley Project (UBKVP) explores a series of undecorated non-royal tombs along the path leading to the tomb of Thutmose III (KV 34) in the central area of the well-known Valley of the Kings in Egypt. The concession granted by the Egyptian authorities enables the comprehensive exploration of 12 burial sites and their immediate surroundings.

The World Heritage-listed tombs in the Valley of the Kings are still only partly scientifically documented and published. Moreover, entire areas of the valley remain virtually unexplored, which is concerning given the acute threat posed by human and natural influences. The UBKVP project team aims to safeguard the valuable information contained in these burial sites for the future, for the general public and for research. In spring 2012, a new tomb was discovered in the Valley of the Kings (KV 64) in the course of the ongoing work.

UBKVP is dedicated in particular to the documentation and preservation of these endangered monuments and attaches strong importance to site management, i.e. the sustainable protection of the monuments in their surroundings, as well as to guaranteeing direct long-term access to their digital data.

We are working on making the data available on our user friendly DSP-APP. Thank you for your patience.

Egypt, History

Egypt, History


University of Basel Kings’ Valley Project

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