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As part of the German-Swiss project “Der späte Nietzsche” (The Late Nietzsche), which re-edited Friedrich Nietzsche’s handwritten estate from spring 1885 onwards, a digital edition of the notes from the archive folders was created at the University of Basel.

The new edition of the late estate pursued the goal of integrally documenting the manuscripts and revealing the typical notational character of the notes. In contrast to earlier editions, supposedly irrelevant records such as preliminary stages, draft letters and occasional notes were not left out, the reconstruction of a work-specific, thematic or chronological order was not aimed for, and the constitution of linear, smoothly reading texts was not pursued. Instead, the original context of the transcripts and the topological arrangement were retained and all correction processes, deletions, later revisions, etc. were reproduced in a specialized diplomatic transcription, including by differentiating between different types and means of writing and ink colors. The transcription is accompanied by the digital facsimiles of the manuscripts. A description of the manuscripts, references to the copying processes (cross-references) and philological notes complete the edition.

We are working on making the data available on our user friendly DSP-APP. Thank you for your patience.

Critical Edition, Digital Edition, Transcriptions

Critical Edition, Digital Edition, Transcriptions


Der späte Nietzsche

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