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The Music Encyclopedia of Switzerland provides information on the history of music in Switzerland across all genres and musical styles: from church singing to yodeling, from the Lucerne Festival to the Montreux Jazz Festival to the Gurten Festival, from Glockengiesser rock to club culture, from the Alphorn to the Hang, and from the Tonhalle to the KKL.

Based on existing lexicography on Switzerland – which is digitized or made available via links – the MLS compiles new articles on well-known people, places and objects in cooperation with Switzerland’s musical institutions and with the involvement of numerous experts from Switzerland and abroad, and continuously enriches the knowledge with unknown topics. The MLS is multimedia, combining text, images and audiovisual media and – thanks to the use of norm data – it offers access to all available resources on the world wide web relating to the topics and persons dealt with.

Encyclopedia, Music, Switzerland, Audio, Lexica, Images

Encyclopedia, Music, Switzerland, Audio, Lexica, Images


Musiklexikon Schweiz (MLS)

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