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Call for Papers: Graphs & Networks Conference 2025

Mendrisio, Switzerland – February 12-14, 2025

Hosted by the Università della Svizzera italiana, the Graphs and Networks Conference 2025 will focus on "Data Biographies." “Data on biographies” and “biographies of data” denote two approaches that bring the notion of biography together with digital methods. The first relates to investigations of human lives enhanced with computer tools. The second extends the established notion of artefact biographies to consider data as part of material culture.

Both approaches will be looked at during the 2025 Graphs and Networks conference in order to better understand how they may be complementary or contradictory and in what ways bringing the two together can help us explore data. 

Proposal Formats:

  1. Individual Papers: 20-minute presentation + 10-minute discussion. Abstracts (up to 750 words, minimum 3 citations) should include background, methods and data, and findings.

  2. Software/Tool Demonstrations: 15-minute presentation + 5-minute discussion, also shown at demo booths. Abstracts (200-500 words) should cover the tool's novelty, contribution, development state, and licensing.

  3. Posters: Displayed during a poster session. Abstracts should include background, methods and data, and findings.

Abstracts must state the title, author names, and affiliations. The conference will be hybrid, with a preference for on-site presentations. Sessions will be recorded and available under CC BY 4.0 unless otherwise requested.

Submit your proposals by July 15, 2024.

Find more details about the conference and about submitting a paper here.

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