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Our Vision:

We are the trusted platform and partner for open research data in the Humanities.

Mission Statement DaSCH

DaSCH develops and operates a FAIR enabling trusted digital repository for open research data in the humanities in Switzerland. We provide long-term direct access to the data, enable their continuous editing and allow for precise citation of single objects within a dataset. We ensure interoperability with tools used by the Humanities and Cultural Sciences communities and foster the use of standards. The development of our platform happens in close cooperation with these communities. We provide training and advice in the area of research data management, promote open data and the use of standards.


DaSCH is the coordinating institution and representative of Switzerland in the European Research Infrastructure Consortium ‘Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities’ (DARIAH ERIC). Within this mandate, we actively engage in community building within Switzerland and abroad.


DaSCH cooperates with national and international organizations and initiatives in order to provide services that are fit for purpose within the broader Swiss open research data landscape and that are coordinated with other institutions such as FORS.


We base our actions on the values reliability, flexibility, appreciation, curiosity, and persistence.


We communicate clearly and keep to deadlines. If issues arise, we inform the researchers about the problem and show possibilities to solve it.


We care about finding the best possible solutions for the researchers’ needs in cooperation with them. We think in alternatives and scenarios.


We maintain a constructive relationship with each other and with our customers and expect the same from them.


We care about how to satisfy the needs of researchers and inform ourselves about their desires and pain points. We learn from and with our community. Our innovations are driven by deep curiosity for emerging technologies.


We have a clear idea of where the journey is going. We do not let obstacles and setbacks discourage us. We consistently set our eyes on our goal and do everything within our sphere of influence to achieve it.

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