Who we are

Our mission and goals

The Swiss National Data and Service Center for the Humanities enables scholars to upload their qualitative datasets for long-term preservation, open access, and interoperability with other repositories. Our focus lies in qualitative data from all areas of the Humanities, including Law and Theology.

To this end, we support scholars in generating new and re-using existing digital research data for cutting-edge research. We provide second-level support to local research-IT departments of Swiss institutions of higher education; in addition to offering training, further education and documentation on the topics of data management, FAIR principles, IT-standards, interoperability, use of infrastructure, and on the tools provided by DaSCH.

Our funding stems primarily from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), and we are hosted by the universities of Basel and Lausanne. We are currently aiming for a Core Trust Seal (CTS) certification in 2023.



We maintain several cooperative partnerships with other groups and institutions, exchanging resources and knowledge.


Project Gossembrot
Uni Bern
Uni Basel

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To ensure sustainability and transparency, our repository has the legal form of an association. This allows us to accommodate all stakeholders as members.

It also guarantees lean formal requirements for administration that permit an effective and efficient governance of the research infrastructure. Institutions can apply for membership by sending their application to the board of the association. All members are represented in the assembly of delegates of the association.

Membership is open to

  • All Swiss Institutions of Higher Education as defined by the HFKG

  • The Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Other Swiss research infrastructures and national institutions with a high relevance for humanities research