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Our services

We aim to help you build a data model that fits your wants and needs, building upon your unique framework. Our processes are centered around a research data management life cycle, providing support for every phase of your project.


Every database is different.

Before you even get started on working with us, we investigate together how suitable your data is for DaSCH, and immediately begin planning the project based on its current state, and whether you want to use our platform already during the project phase, or only for archiving purposes at the end of the project.

From there on out, you can make use of our tools, rely on custom-made tools that we provide for your data, or take an active role in developing solutions with us to fully realize your project. Once the groundwork is completed, data can be archived - almost literally - by the press of a button – and rendered searchable to anybody authorized to access it.

We adhere to the FAIR principles and enable you to share your data. Our metadata browser opens it up for re-use, with which your invaluable work will provide Humanities data that can feed into the planning and development of future projects.

What you need is what you get

What we provide goes beyond a repository and access service. We also offer support and training for the use of our solutions, and education in best practices in data management, methods, and tools.

Book us for the training and education you need


Scholars, research groups and institutions

Get trained in the use of the DaSCH infrastructure, the re-use of qualitative data in Humanities research, or new digital research methods.

Workshops, courses and documentations

Provided at regular intervals for various interest groups on a national level. We also have special offers for young researchers on the PhD level.

Have a look at what we've archived

All data remodeled to be compliant with our platform can be queried and retrieved, whether it consists of text, images, digital facsimiles, sound files, or videos. Easily kept up to date, and searchable across all hosted projects in our metadata browser.

Developers can help shape the future

Operating a single platform helps guarantee constant adaptation to evolving technology and standards, maintaining interoperability for this growing repository. We pursue the paradigm of open development, accessible via github. From backend framework to media server technology, we invite everybody to engage with us in the development process.