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We can be consulted on all questions regarding data management of qualitative data and digital objects including digitization, formats, data handling, or workflows. Cost sharing is required for research groups or individual scholars if 8 hours of work are exceeded.


Training and education channels

If you’re a scholar, research group, or institution, we provide several types of training modules and channels for education, offered at regular intervals for various groups on a national level.

DaSCH infrastructure
How to use the platform and framework deliveries that DaSCH provides you with.

Data hygiene
Best practices in management and (re-)use of qualitative data in Humanities’ research.

Digital research methods
Methods and approaches related to gathering and processing qualitative data.

Workshop and courses
Attend to sessions in person, hosted and guided by our team of experts.

Comprehensive written guides you can consult and download to expand your knowledge base.


The addressees for our programs are the researchers themselves as well as the research-IT staff of the institutions of higher education. The courses are given by academically qualified staff and can, if desired, be integrated by the institutions of higher education into their respective curricula.

Special offers

Particular attention is paid to young researchers (PhD level), for whom we have special offers within the framework of their doctoral training.

Our consulting services

Our support extends beyond information and instruction, and can be commissioned to take on a more active role in your project. Our most common offers involve data modeling and data import processes.