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Is DaSCH a Suitable Repository for Your Research Data?


We are specialized in the long-term preservation of humanities research data in accordance with FAIR principles, dealing with research data from doctoral level and above. We promote standards and best practices that enable scholars to implement an open data and open science policy in their field. We focus on “qualitative data”, namely textual data and associated digital objects such as images, sound or video files from all areas of the humanities, including law and theology. 

We support the deposit of “simple” datasets like flat files as well as “complex” ones with data based on a project-specific data model.


Given that you may have used various tools during your project phase such as Excel sheets, a FileMaker or SQL database, it is necessary to re-model your data to be compliant with our platform and the data import, after which you can query and retrieve your data. Alternatively, you may use our platform during the lifetime of your project as a virtual research environment.

Our repository offers the advantage of being a living archive, meaning that stored data can be edited and thus kept up to date and enriched. We provide archival resource keys (ARKs) as persistent identifiers for all of your digital data, enabling publications to precisely cite (a specific version of) individual objects in your dataset.

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