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Our Platform Characteristics


Our Emphasis is on Open Development

Open development is our key focus, whereby all our related code developments are open source and developed in the public domain, for the public. The development process, code and documentation are freely accessible on GitHub, and any person can review, add and expand the codebase by using pull requests.

You can always access, edit, complete, delete or add new data/single resources to your research project, no matter whether it is still ongoing or finished already.

DaSCH Service Platform Application (DSP-APP)

The primary goal of the DaSCH Service Platform Application (DSP-APP) is to guarantee direct access to research data in the humanities field which are stored in the DaSCH Service Platform (DSP). Given the constant evolution of technological advancement, we have adopted a completely open approach to development that is founded on a single platform, in order to future-proof this endeavor.


Thanks to our standardized API, the data can be easily found and accessed by computers, thus allowing interoperability among many systems.


DaSCH Service Platform Tools (DSP-Tools)

DSP-Tools is a Python library that enables you to create data models and test your data model locally. 


Benefit from the IIIF standard and discover a unique way of working with images, videos, or audios.


Metadata Browser

Metadata is as valuable as data - it provides context information, answering questions such as what, when, where, who, how, which and why. The DaSCH Metadata Browser provides access to metadata of all projects across all our environments.

Learn more about our latest Updates

We would like to keep you informed about the latest changes. Read the latest release notes and discover the new features and learn more about bug fixes and improvements.

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