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Upcoming Events

  • Love Data Week
    Mo., 13. Feb.
    13. Feb., 07:00 MEZ – 17. Feb., 20:00 MEZ
    Love Data Week (LDW) is an annual international campaign celebrating the love of data around the world with numerous events covering a wide variety of aspects of Research Data Management (RDM). The theme for this year's Love Data Week, taking place February 13-17, 2023, is "Data: Agent of Change."
  • DaSCHCon on Digital Editions & Interoperability
    Mi., 22. März
    On-site in Bern and Zoom
    22. März, 10:15 – 16:45 MEZ
    On-site in Bern and Zoom
    We are happy to invite you to the first DaSCHCon in 2023 in Bern which will be devoted to capturing the needs of digital editions with a focus on technical developments.
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