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DSP-Tools – A Tool for Preparing Data Locally

DSP-Tools is an application which addresses technically skilled users. It is a command-line tool.

In contrast to DSP-APP, DSP-Tools can handle large amounts of data in an automated fashion. It helps you to prepare your data model and data locally before you hand both over to DaSCH staff for an upload to DaSCH servers.

Easy data upload function


With DSP-Tools you can:

  • download and upload data models as JSON files. 

  • import data from an XML file to a local instance of DSP-API.

  • create data model JSON files from Excel files.

  • validate your XML and JSON files directly in the editor thanks to schemas. Thus, frequent errors can be detected already before your import starts.


Due to this file-based approach, the processes are reproducible and adjustable: In the test phase of your project, you run an instance of the DaSCH Service Platform on your local machine in order to import your data models and data. Then you can view them locally in DSP-APP, make necessary adjustments in the file and import them again. You repeat this process until you can import everything locally without errors. Once you have the data model and the data in the final and thus clean form, you hand both over to DaSCH staff for an upload to DaSCH servers. First your data will be put on a separate test server where you can check everything once more. Afterwards, we will put everything on our staging server for a last performance test and finally your data will be accessible on our production server.

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