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What Makes 
DaSCH Unique?

DaSCH is among only a handful of FAIR-compliant data repositories that ensure the long-term preservation of humanities research data and at the same time offer the following benefits on its platform:

 1. Direct accessibility

We keep your database alive, meaning that your data remain editable, visible, directly accessible and searchable within our web application in the long term.

 2. Permanent identifier

Each object within your database receives its own permanent identifier, which enables precise citation in publications.

 3. Generic virtual research environment

We offer you a generic virtual research environment that you can use during the lifetime of your project. This means that there’s no need to re-model, clean and import the data at the end!

 4. Easy creation of your own project-specific data model

You can create your own project-specific data model, use a standard data model, or adapt a standard data model to your needs.

 5. Standardized Application Programming Interface (API)

Your data can be accessed via a standardized application programming interface (API), which means that data can be easily found and accessed by computers, thus allowing interoperability among many systems.

6. Interoperability

We foster interoperability, and promote and support the use of norm data, standards and discipline-specific ontologies, e.g. the IIIF standard for images, videos and audio.

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